Text Dispatch

FirefighterLog & Cadpage

FirefighterLog can be used with the Cadpage App to receive calls and map them.
To use Cadpage with FirefighterLog do the following:
    1) Open Cadpage
    2) press menu button and go to settings
    3) Tap "Location Settings"
    4) Scroll to bottom and check "Publish CAD pages"
    5) press back button
    6) Tap "Additional Settings"
    7) uncheck "Show Popup"

Thats it, your done!  If you are new to Cadpage, you must configure Cadpage for your location, which is pretty easy.  Here is their website

You may receive a prompt after receiving your first dispatch from CadPage.  This is to associate the Cadpage department profile with the FirefighterLog department profile.  After this is done once, it will not be needed again for anyone else in your department.


The default alert is the standard alert tone used on pagers.  This can be changed or silenced by tapping on "Use Custom alert tone" and then selecting a dispatch tone.