FirefighterLog is an incident alert app for android phones.  It is available on the Play Market  Features include:
  • receive dispatch from text messages (via CadPage app)
  • Automatic streaming of RadioReference scanner feeds
  • Record response times through on screen buttons
  • Launch Google Navigation quickly for directions to incident
  • Account and call history automatically synced to the cloud
  • Location Information - quick access to notes or preplans for locations in your district
  • display hydrants/water supplies on google maps
  • messaging to all members of your department with FirefighterLog
  • Tablet support
  • Support for multiple departments
  • More to come!

FirefighterLog will be offering direct CAD integration as a monthly service.  Text(SMS) dispatches will be bundled with the service for non-android phones so alerts can be sent to all personnel.  If your agency is interested please feel out this form.

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