Modern Incident Notification

Incident dispatch to mobile devices. Critical information when you need it.

Design and built by a firefighter and field tested for 3 years, FirefighterLog is a tool to get critical information in the hands of firefighters when they need it.

About FirefighterLog

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FirefighterLog is a mobile app for Android, iOS, Google Glass, and wearable devices. Information is sent to firefighters when a call comes into the 911 center. Information available in seconds includes:

  • Type of emergency & Address

    Type of emergency and Address are clearly legible

  • Map of Incident

    A map showing the location of the incident. Turn-by-turn navigation can be started with a tap of a button.

  • Hydrants

    Know where closest hydrants are before you get to the scene easily. We can import your GIS data.

The Benefits

Information when Firefighters need it

Dispatch information clearly available during chaotic first minutes of emergency response.

Faster Dispatch

Up to 30-60 seconds faster than radio dispatch alone. Direct CAD integration gets data out fast.

Update-to-date Information

Dispatcher notes are sent to devices seconds after typing in and continue to update during the incident.

Android and iOS

FirefighterLog app will be available on Google Play store and Apple App store for phones and tablets.

Notification to all firefighters

Dispatch information is sent to all memebers of your department with a smartphone or tablet. Everyone has up-to-date information in palm of their hands.


Pricing is based on number of devices and fits in the budget of most Fire Departments.

Time is critical

Up to
seconds faster notification

Watch the Video

FirefighterLog recently won the People's choice and overall largest total at SpringBoardNC's Shark Tank.

Upcoming Technology

FirefighterLog is available on mobile, but we are working on much more! Here are a few things in the pipeline:

  • Occupancy information & preplans
  • CAD monitor on TVs for information at the firehouse
  • Wearable integration - Google Glass & Android Wear watches
  • Android Auto integration - FirefighterLog on the dashboard of your vehicle

Interested in FirefighterLog?

Are you a developer? We are looking for talented iOS developers to work on FirefighterLog. Send inquires to